Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Clean Up Crew!

Hooded Vulture
The next day out on game drive we received news over the radio that the lions had made a kill overnight. A guide had spotted vultures circling above – close to where we had seen the pride the previous day – and he had followed to investigate, knowing very well that the presence of vultures usually indicates that something has died. True enough, he soon picked up lion tracks along the road which shortly lead him to the remains of an old buffalo cow.

We responded immediately, but were not prepared for what we were to see next….
Vultures !
It is a fascinating sight to see how they seem to converge from all directions above a carcass once it has been spotted.

Fighting, squabbling, and tearing at flesh with wings extended for balance.
Dust, dust, dust as they continue to descend from above.
White-backed, Hooded and Cape Vultures. Marabou stalks too.
An absolute feeding frenzy: the carcass cleaners had arrived!

* Image shown is from our safaris but was not taken at this sighting

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