Monday, 19 November 2012

We are Family!

On the afternoon game drive we had a memorable encounter with a group of lions – 3 females, 3 cubs and 1 adult male – who were lazily making their way across an open stretch of dirt road. With a crippled female and the old male lagging behind at the back of the group, every few minutes those in front would have to stop and wait for them to catch up. Progress was slow.

The afternoon game drive is part of the first day of all of our safaris and is the introduction to game viewing for many of our guests.  The drive takes place on Balule Game Reserve, a Big 5 reserve which is part of the Greater Kruger Park.  On this game drive there is a chance to view diurnal (daytime), crepuscular (dawn and dusk) and nocturnal (nighttime) wildlife, the drive returns to camp for dinner after dark.

* Image shown is from our safaris but was not taken at this sighting

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