Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wild Dogs & Lions

This was by far my greatest drive since I’ve been back - it was both exciting for me and my guests! Once again we started out hoping for everything but glad with anything, Immediately as we left camp an update came on the radio of 14 wild dogs sleeping at a dam on one of our properties. I quickly planned my route accordingly and headed straight for that area, half way there I got another update of lions 1km away from the wild dogs, unfortunately both sightings were far from camp and it did take us awhile to get there but lucky for us the animals weren’t in a moving mood and stayed exactly where they were. We started with the lions as everyone had asked for lions at the start of the drive. This time it was only 2 females and 2 big cubs and they were doing exactly what lions do best, sleep! 

While at the lion sighting we got the update that the Wild Dogs had got up and were moving in an easterly direction and instantly my heart sank as that would have meant they were going into the thick bush, so we quickly went there hoping to even catch just a few stragglers at the back but they had a change of heart and decided to go west and right along a road, all the other vehicles let us go right to the front to follow them for about 1km having beautiful chances to get photos, some of the wild dogs decided to stop and pose for a few photo’s giving us amazing views! This sighting stood out for me as we don’t often get to see wild dogs and so many at that, having such amazing views of them was the highlight to my time back!

Written by Wesley, Tremisana Game Lodge Safari Guide